Casino Bonus Tips

Important Casino Bonus Help and Advice for Newcomers

Being a newcomer in the online gaming sites will need to know the basic guidelines especially concerning the casino bonus. The quality of a casino bonus is the most important thing to look out for when choosing an online casino. Each bonus in an online game is unique and there is no one bonus that is perfect for each player. So it is important to understand these bonuses in order to be able to choose the one that will suit your specific needs. Understanding the casino bonuses also prevents you from getting confused with the numbers especially percentages that are usually thrown out.

There are basically three things that you need to keep in mind when trying to get the best bonus.

Percentage of the bonus match offer:
The first thing to know about bonuses is the percentages of your deposit that the casino matches in order to get to your bonus amount. Different casinos provide different percentages and this can be anything from 25% to 100%. For example bonuses that offer a 200% match will mean that for every $1 you deposit you will receive $2 from the casino in bonus chips.

Total bonus amount:
The bonus amount is the second thing you need to know about online game bonuses. This amount lets you know the maximum amount the casino is supposed to give you in bonus money. Most of the bonus money is structured for example 100% up to $200 meaning that the bonus will be the same as the money you deposit and you can only deposit a maximum of $500.

Wagering requirements:
The wagering requirement or play through requirement is the other thing you need to keep in mind concerning bonuses. This is the number that indicates how much you need to play to clear the bonus. The wagering requirement number is usually represented as a multiple of the deposit amount plus the bonus amount.

For example if you get a 200% match on a $200 deposit your bonus will also be $200. If the wagering requirement is 10x the total of the deposit and bonus you’ll need to wager $4000 before clearing the bonus. There are also other things that you will need to look out for example you have to ensure that the bonuses you get will allow you to play the games you are interested in. You should also ensure that you read the casino regulations carefully especially concerning the bonus to ensure there are no restrictions that will keep you from enjoying your games.

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